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Citing and referencing

Everything you need to know about referencing with links to guides and support.

RefWorks is an online research management tool that allows you to collect and organize resources that can be cited in your research paper. These citations may then be shared, inserted into papers, or automatically added to bibliographies in multiple citation styles.

RefWorks is available to UOB faculty, students, staff, and alumni through a UOB Libraries subscription.


Click here to log in or sign up to create a new account using your Balamand e-mail address.


The below tutorials will help you learn some basic features to get started using RefWorks

  • ​How do you find and save references while doing your research? 
  • How do you organize references once they're in RefWorks?
  • How do you cite those references in your writing?


  • How do you create references manually?
  • How do you upload a document to your RefWorks account?
  • How do you import references from a file?


  • How do you export a citation from a research database or a website?



Useful tip for Google Scholar users

Configure Google Scholar to directly export the citation into RefWorks. On the Google Scholar main page click on: 

  1. Settings
  2. Bibliography manager
  3. Show links to import citations into RefWorks
  4. Save

Still using the old RefWorks? Ready to migrate to the new platform?

1. Log in to your old RefWorks account. 

2. Click "Move to the newest version of RefWorks from ProQuest" located on the top left corner of the screenزNewRefStep1.png 

3. This takes you to the New RefWorks login page. Fill in your UOB email address and password. You may choose to keep the same password or create a new one.


4. You will be prompted to fill your profile information.

5. Click “Import references” to transfer your references to the new RefWorks account


6. All your data will be migrated to the new platform, this may take some time depending on its size.