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Citing and referencing

Everything you need to know about referencing with links to guides and support.


The American Psychological Association Publication Manual refers to a set of guidelines for writing and formatting academic papers mainly in the social sciences. The APA style is widely used in psychology, sociology, education, and other fields. It concerns the uniform use of elements such as:

  • Scholarly writing and publishing principles
  • Paper components and format
  • Mechanics of style (fonts, abbreviations, punctuations, etc...) 
  • Construction of tables and figures,
  • Works cited in the text (In-text citations) 
  • Reference list 

Understanding APA Citation

The APA citation style is widely and globally recognized since it outlines the guidelines for documenting sources utilized in research papers.

It consists of two essential elements when citing any source:

  1. In-text citation
  2. Reference list

These elements work together to acknowledge and attribute the sources referenced in the paper, facilitating access to and retrieval of the used material by others.


Available at the library

APA abridged version to download