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Research publishing : where to publish

Why do you need to have a publishing strategy?

Academics are frequently evaluated on their research output and list of publications. In order to maximize the impact and visibility of your research, it is important to adopt a publishing strategy in line with the academic system in place relying on metrics and other pre-defined standards of quality.

This guide provides information and resources on publishing and disseminating research findings in the most appropriate manner for your discipline and subject matter. It provides some directions, tips and sources that relate to UOB research community activities. It also highlights good practice in research publishing and propose some practical solutions to address common challenges in scholarly communication including but not limited to:

  • How to choose the most appropriate journal to publish my research paper?
  • What are predatory journals? 
  • What are the publishers' manuscript  submission rules and steps? 
  • How to calculate my impact as an author?
  • How to increase the number of citations?
  • How to increase my research visibility?
  • When to publish in Open Access?
  • Why do i need to have an ORCID ID?
Publishing tips to get started


Where to publish can be as important as what to publish

Vary where you publish, to spread the exposure of your research: a wider audience potentially means more citations.

​Avoid copyright infringment

Before uploading a published work to or ResearchGate, authors should check the publisher's copyright policy or the signed author-publisher copyright agreement. 

Search Sherpa/RoMEO  tool to find out publishers' copyright and sef-archiving policies.                                     

Start by creating your Author Identifier

Disambiguate your name and create a common authority link between all of your research.