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New students

The purpose of this guide is to introduce to all new students quick and practical information on how to access, use the library services and get help


Library spaces


Issam Fares Library Learning Center has four floors and offers a variety of studying and working zones. You'll find a variety of tables, chairs, carrels, and shared spaces on all floors, each with it's own environment and activity level. 

Standing Workstations, Ground Floor

Group study area, Ground Floor

Workstations, Ground Floor

Quiet Zone, Ground Floor

Current periodicals display, First Floor

Quiet Zone, First Floor

Quiet Zone, First Floor

Computer Lab, First Floor

Group study area, First Floor

Entrance of the Silent Zone, Second Floor

Silent Zone, Second Floor

Open Stacks, Second Floor

GROUND FLOOR : POPULAR WELCOME AREA                                                                             

  • Standing workstations, workstations counter, tables with workstations, comfortable chairs and couches
  • Casual seating overlooking the green field 
  • Course reserve material
  • Circulation desk
  • Art gallery
  • Classroom LLC-006


  • Standing workstations, carrels, workstations counter, group study tables, comfortable chairs and couches
  • Reference collection
  • Current periodicals 
  • Help desk


  • Small tables and comfortable chairs
  • Books open stacks 
  • Help desk


  • Group study rooms B03, B04, 002, 003, 004 and 005 are designated
    to provide small groups of students with a private space for collaborative work and study.
  • These 7 rooms are located in the basement and on the ground floor.
  • All rooms are equipped with LCD screens for projection.
  • The rooms in the basement are also equipped with white boards.  
  • Click here to reserve online a room 


  • Two labs are available for students, for research purposes, web surfing,
    scanning and printing
  • Lab 114 & Lab 116 are located on the 1st Floor 
  • Assistance is always available!


 Library printers, scanners and photocopiers 

  • Public computers in the libraries allow printing from online sources such as web pages, email attachments, or a flash memory. Microsoft Products and Adobe Reader are installed on the thin client computers available on all three floors of Issam Fares Library Learning Center.
  • Multifunctional printers  allow UOB users to print and scan using an IBL account
  • If you have an IBL account: 
  1. • Swipe your ID card on the POS machine, located at the circulation desk, to purchase the number of papers required (50 LL/per page).
  2. If you don’t have an IBL account: 
  3. • Get a voucher from the IT Supervisor (Ground Floor, Office 011) with the number of papers required(50 LL/per page);
  4. • Go to the Comptroller’s Office and pay the indicated amount;
  5. • Take the receipt to the IT Department – Software Unit to fill your account.

Once you purchased your required number of papers, generate your pin: 

  1. Click on the "follow me" shortcut, available on the computer’s desktop;
  2. Enter uob\username and password;
  3. Click on "Generate Random Pin";
  4. Once you have your pin, click on "Update Pin";
  5. On the printer/photocopier, click on "follow me" tab and enter your pin to photocopy.​